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Bendch - A bending bench

What if, instead of creating a standard object to sit on, we create undefined possibilities for sitting and resting?

The purpose was to design a location-based bench.

While researching the typology and going on long walks in Helsinki, I was inspired by natural forms of seating that trigger people in general to rest when one feels like it; like sitting down on tree trunks or a rock covered by soft moss.

The location for my bench became a forest landscape in Koskela, Helsinki.

As the idea was to create multiple possibilities of taking a break, the bench form also accommodates with Finnish verdant nature, adjusting to the landscape and creating a needed resting position.

My goal was to produce minimal material waste, use sustainable materials and create an innovative approach to seating. My thoughts along the design process were questioning the need of designing an object in the first place, taking our climate and lack of resources under account.

Birch plywood
Aalto University ‘2021  / with the help of Mikko Paakkanen & Karola Sahi