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Natural Line

“A play space is a location specifically created to accommodate play but does not impose any particular type of play, set of activities, purpose, or goal or reward structure.”  
Miguel Sicart, Play Matters.

The design basis is guided by Johan Huizinga's book "Homo Ludens: A Study of the Play-Element in Culture".  The book skillfully illustrates how our current culture is intertwined with the elements of play, and how it guides our actions and thinking.  Despite our primitive instincts, we need signals around us in our daily lives that would trigger a deeper subconscious. But what could those signals be?
Game theorists have been speculating, what could ensure a high-quality gaming experience for decades. In an article called ‘’Designing for Playful Tension’’ Jess Rahbek describes how essential it is for two opposing parties, chaos and order, to fusion into one another, in order to create sustainability into play. The player needs recognizable signals to trigger his imagination, which seems to take care of the regularity of the game. However, playing has to offer also enough interpretation possibilities, so the player could express himself through materiality. A playing experience is not just an entertainment activity, but a cross-section of the patterns of society. Through games, we make sense of our own world and create parallel ones,  that teach us what is possible and what is not.

The ground of play has been imagined to be a place that can trigger any by passers imagination. At the heart of the existing attractions or activities that connect versatile age groups and people with different abilities: taking the whole body and existing senses into account. The player has the opportunity to choose a form that suits his mood, current abilities and age. Most attractions require the involvement of the whole body, whether the player is in a wheelchair, stroller or walking on their feet or hands.

Linda Zupping, Eva Liisa Kubinyi, Sandra Mirka
Estonian Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) / Children's playground vision competition for artists, 2021