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VARES residency

VARES is an international interdisiplinary residency for spatial work, which creates a possibility for creatives to seek, find and carry out alternative spatial practices that are not based on market logic, but rather desires to create spaces and places that enrich everyday life and empower the local community in Valga.*

I was fortunate to be selected to be one of the residents for the summer of 2024. For two months I will be working within a community and seek ways to add value to the foodspaces of our living domain by cooking, organising and (re)building needed functions. After graduating with a master’s degree in interior architecture, my master thesis was a research on the topic of domestic kitchens. Looking into the design evolution of a kitchen space within time, I was eager to understand the character of premodern kitchens and the development of kitchens modernising. The coming work for the residency will be a practical continuation of my thesis.

In the architecture residency, which stands for practices connected to slow architecture, livening up vernacular crafts and gathering old and used materials for reuse. I’m taking a chance to experiment ethically. Ethically as in using as little new resources as possible, despite the generous budget every resident is entitled to.  

I will also document this experience weekly as a part of my practice, with the wish of creating some transparency behind a creative process. ︎

* - referenced from VARES homepage ︎